sw 2Tytuł orginalny: Star Wars : In the Shadow Of Yavin part 2
Scenariusz: Brian Wood
Rysunki: Carlos D'Anda
Kolory: Gabe Eltaeb
Projekt okładki: Alex Ross
Data wydania: Luty 2013
Liczba stron: 32
Papier: kredowy
Okładka: miękka
Wydawnictwo: Dark Horse Comics
Wymiary: 170x260 mm
Orientacyjna waga:
Cena z okładki: 2,99USD


Since their victory over the Death Star, the Rebel Alliance has been searching in vain for a permanent home base, and a way to restock desperately needed supplies and armaments. Meanwhile, Darth Vader has been given a chance to redeem his loss of the Emperor's greatest weapon.

When an Imperial Star Destroyer unexpectedly intercepts an Alliance scouting mission, leader Mon Mothma begins to suspect there is a spy among the Rebel ranks. She charges Princess Leia with a secret mission: form a team, find a new base, and uncover the spy.

Meanwhile, smuggler Han Solo and his first mate, Chewbacca, are on a mission of their own for Mon Mothma ...

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