swl 2 11Despite the forces of the Galactic Triumvirate and his fellow Imperial Knights coming to his aid to defeat Sith Lord Darth Luft, Jao Assam has decided to break with the Knights and, along with Ania Solo, continue the pursuit of the Sith outcast Darth Wredd. Jao has foreseen that Wredd poses a danger to Empress Marasiah Fel that cannot be ignored—though that is the course the Triumvirate has chosen. Joining them on the hunt are Ania’s old friends, the Mon Calamari Sauk and assassin droid AG-37. Ania Solo has come a long way from being an obscure junk dealer in a remote corner of the galaxy.But unbeknownst to her, Ania’s past is about to catch up with her...

Tytuł orginalny: Star Wars: Legacy 2 #11
Scenariusz: Corinna Bechko, Gabriel Hardman
Rysunki: Gabriel Hardman
Kolory: Jordan Boyd
Litery: Michael Heisler
Projekt okładki: Agustin Alessio
Data wydania: Styczeń 2014
EAN: 76156822233301111
Liczba stron: 32
Papier: kredowy
Okładka: miękka
Wydawnictwo: Dark Horse Comics
Wymiary: 170x260 mm
Orientacyjna waga: 66g
Cena z okładki: 2,99 USD

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